23: Ham on Nye

Lots of man on man, science on creationist action in this episode where we talk about Bill Nye’s rout of Ken Ham in Kentucky. You might be surprised to know that the Second Law of Thermodynamics also makes an appearance. Great fun!

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  1. Yeah, you guys can keep him. For once we have enough trouble with our own religious fundamentalists, they are currently writing our national curriculum so future students can know about how Jesus founded Australia.

  2. Thankfully, Micheal Dunn was found guilty of three counts of attempted murder. He was found not guilty of the murder of Jordan Davis. Dunn will have at least a sixty year sentence so he will probably die in prison.

  3. Tort, you should “find” a book of scriptures detailing Christ’s visit to his lost sheep in the fold of Australia, maybe with him choosing 12 kangaroo apostles and playing a didgeridoo.

    Ellis — I can’t believe they found him guilty of attempted homicide x 3 but hung on the actual homicide. I first thought maybe 1st degree murder was the wrong thing to charge him with, but under Florida law you can be convicted of 1st degree murder if the actual homicide occurs during the course of perpetrating an attempted homicide on someone else. So by definition if he’s guilty of 2nd degree murder in the cases of the other 3 teens, he’s guilty of 1st degree murder in the case of Jordan Davis.

  4. somewhere in greece says:

    I wish Bill Nye had some classic education, the story of Deukalion (pronounced def-ka-LEE-on) is much better. It says why Zeus drowned the earth (cannibalism) and Deukalion was Prometheus’ son, therefore a demigod and able to pull the building of the ark off, and after the waters receded and he and his wife sucked up to Zeus by sacrificing, Zeus rewarded them by giving them a day to throw rocks over theis shoulders; those thrown by Deukalion became men, those by Pyrra, his wife, became women, so no pesky incestuous problems there. All in all, a story with less holes.

    Also, as a health professional myself, I can attest there is NOTHING in the anatomy, biology, genetics, biochemistry and physiology that shows us to be ANYTHING OTHER than chimps with ideas of grandeur. FFS, just the way our SPINES were put together would had been grounds for class-action lawsuits.

  5. Why is it that pagan flood stories always make so much more sense than the Hebrew one?

  6. somewhere in greece says:

    If the Hebrew one had more details they would had been successfully sued for copyright infringement.

  7. Citizen Wolf says:

    The lack of planning to protect the archeological treasuries in Iraq after the invasion should be considered a crime. The oil-fields were put under military protection ASAP. You can see where the priorities of those planning the whole invasion lay. Utterly shameful (to add to the shame of all the dead people and chaos that has continued to this day).

  8. somewhere in greece says:

    Also, i will believe that the NRA is not a racist organisation when Wayne De La Pierre comes out and says “Travyon Martin, Renisha McBride and Jordan Davis would had been alive if only they were armed”

  9. Citizen Wolf says:

    Good podcast, btw.

  10. Thank you!

    That Stuart Burgess guy from the University of Bristol who claims that he has many Bible believing scientist colleagues who keep their mouths shut “Because they fear the criticism from the media and atheist lobby”.

    What a bunch of fucking crybaby pussies.

    If they really believe in christ so much and his “Great Commission”, what could they possibly fear? Even if they lose their jobs, become destitute, die, or are assassinated by the big atheist/media cabal, they’d be doing the lord’s work, spreading his message and would secure their place in heaven.

    So what’s the worry? Instead of carping against evolutionists, shouldn’t they be complaining about gutless fellow creationists who obviously don’t have the balls to stand by their convictions?

    “Oh, waaah! I better keep my important, life-changing creationist scientific discoveries a secret or the ‘atheist media’ will take away my academic tenure! That’d be like being hung upside down on a cross and getting arrows shot in me until I died! Waaah! WAAAAH!”

  11. I love you guys,but goddammit,I wanted to punch you in the face every time you ridiculed Ham’s accent. I’m Australian & I consider his douchebaggery an abbheration. Australia is actually a lot more secular than the US. We had an atheist female prime minister for crissakes.Abortion is legal & covered by Medicare & we have openly gay politicians. There’s a reason why this idiot left our godless country to be BFF with the US religious whack jobs. Great shredding of his specious arguments,but this lunatic had his ‘bloke’ card revoked a long time ago. Here’s an Aussie idiom for you: may your chooks turn into emus & kick your dunny door down.You funny fuckers. 😉

  12. On the point of Muslims being upset if Christians/Hindus/etc blew up Muslim relics/sites, that’s probably not the case. Largely, the Islamic groups blowing up world treasures are also blowing up Islamic treasures, and would high-five anyone who helped. These groups are inspired by Wahhabism, which wants to destroy every venerated site, Islamic or not.

  13. One interesting point – Damadian DID NOT INVENT MRI.

  14. The Nobel Prize for that went to Paul Lauterbur (who I had the pleasure of meeting once) and Sir Peter Mansfield. Damadian tried to sue the Nobel committee for ‘omitting’ him from receiving the prize. His claim, however, is complete deluded crap.

  15. Damadian didn’t invent the MRI? OH HO! That’s a skunk dicking.

  16. Did Ham shoot first?

  17. what did Matt call it, the Ham Spam? Chuck was right, it has to be alliteration, so I propose the Ham-Hock.

  18. Orrr, why not mix’nmatch the originals? The Hovind Ho-down and the Ham Hustle? Ham Hock is great, but Ham Hustle is also nice ’cause it sounds so diiiiirty.

  19. Then again, Ty’s Ham Hock sounds like a big loog of creationist goo about to be spat all over the public. That’s pretty nice.

  20. Citizen Wolf says:

    Ham hokum
    Ham hooey
    Ham hogwash (that’s my favorite)

  21. Discord.agent says:

    Ham Hokey-pokey

    Ken Ham Hootchy-kootchy

  22. Well, it’s official, according to Ken Ham, thanks to the coverage and attention from the debate at the creation museum, he finally raised enough money to break ground on his ark park. After 2 years of desperately trying to raise the 72 million he had less than half, and within a month after the debate, he was all set. It doesn’t matter that he looked like a fuckin’ weasel up there, lying and slithering through the debate, preaching his book instead of dealing with the topic they were supposed to debate, nope, he was there to make cash, and any way you look at it, he won. Now in less than two months they’ll break ground with a completion date of 2016. Nye said he was “heartbroken”, but this really is his fault. Every atheist or non believer saw this coming right from the get go, and now right smack dab in the heart of the USA there will be a a gigantic fuckin’ ark with animals, water and doves flying around, where schools will take classes of children to rob them of their scientific education in favour of this ridiculous and pathetic fable. Thanks bill Nye, the creationist enabler guy.

  23. Skunk dick is getting ridiculous. “Let’s find anyone who isn’t a bleeding heart liberal, and ridicule them for their beliefs.” I don’t think you understand that atheism is not synonymous with liberalism/faux-feminism/socialism. If you want to have political discourse, make a podcast about politics. Don’t demean atheism by bundling it with leftist ideology. Ostracizing your fans is fun, I understand, but c’mon, guys. Anyway, when you’re not being pretentious, left -wing nutbags, your content (atheism) is pretty informative.

  24. Lucy Harris says:

    There may be a PZ vs Hovind debate in the future.

    Kent Hovind challenges me » Pharyngula

    In bigger news, it appears Marianne has taken over for Kim Van Gundy.

  25. Lucy Harris says:

    One interesting point – Damadian DID NOT INVENT MRI.

    Randy, how do you know? Were you THERE?

  26. Citizen Wolf says:

    Left-wing nutbags?

    When did ‘liberal’ and ‘left-wing’ become synonymous with badness in the lexicon of people from the US? I’ve heard it used in that derogatory way many many times in various podcasts and TV shows from the States.

    And of course socialism is off the charts evil.

  27. Wasn’t there some kind of state tax bond created to fund the arc park? If so there could be lawsuits from the AHA, and FFRF on the way.

    As for criticizing Bill Nye for enabling this, the money would have been there either way. Somehow these jerks always get government help, even if it’s only in the form of tax fraud enabling. Maybe he actually got a few believers to re-evaluate their positions. The attempt may seem futile, but there are good reasons for outreach. Like dispelling the idea that there isn’t a significant opposition, and the media buzz and surge of public interest won’t go unnoticed by politicians. The “nones” are at one fifth of the population in the U.S. and rising.