April off

It took me 2 years and 5 months to pay off the last of the debt from the failed haunt business, but I finally did it. To celebrate, I’m going to take the month of April off from the podcast to rest and relax. We’ll be back in May with Mormons and DNA, Presuppositional Apologetics, the Mountain Meadows Massacre (for those of you who missed it on Church of Awesome), or maybe some of your suggestions.

In the meantime, leech some more of our bandwidth, you parasites.

26 Responses to “April off”

  1. Dirk Peters says:

    It’s good to be clear of you!
    I’ll be dreading your return.

  2. May your crotch catch on fire and your testicles be licked by a yak. How am I going to survive.

  3. CrocADuck says:

    I hate that there won’t be a podcast this month. But, I’m glad that you were able to pay off your debt. Congratulations!

  4. Obviously those courses from Crown Financial Ministries paid off! Enjoy your break.

  5. somewhere in greece says:


  6. somewhere in greece says:

    the huzzah is for the getting rid to the debt btw

  7. Jaytheist says:

    Good for you! But I feel like I am being punished now. Must be the last
    remnants of the christian persecution complex kicking in.

  8. Did you ever think that the debt might have been caused by the celebration of a GODLESS HEATHEN FESTIVAL? WITH GHOSTS? AND SEXY KITTENS?

    You should have started an Easter business. Pleasing to the LORD, and has absolutely no connection to anything pagan, whatsoever

  9. charles minus says:

    I for one will not miss the godless tripe you insist on putting out.

    Best wishes for a happy vacation.


  10. Citizen Wolf says:

    Debt is a bitch. Good to hear it’s gone.

  11. If you hadn’t stopped tithing you would have won a million dollars within the first three months. Unbeliever!

  12. Admiral Annoy says:


    Would you be interesting in investing in my new bitcoin-based e-haunted ihouse?

  13. Fivegoldenrats says:

    Congratulation!Enjoy your rest. But you could at least post a picture here from the American Atheists convention so we know you were there.

  14. ArseBuscuits

  15. Good to hear that you’ll no longer be haunted by debt… See what I did there? You can use that one if you want… You’re welcome!

  16. Enjoy the rest of the month off. Glad you finally paid that shit off. Can’t wait to hear from you and Matt again. I’m so glad you didn’t quit the show after the failed haunt.

  17. Yeah you guys must be exhausted from putting out 1 podcast per month.

  18. Fine – I’m going to go whore myself out to the likes of Brian Dunning and Cash & Love – fuck you until May.

  19. Congrats on finally getting that behind you. It’s too bad it worked out the way it did. Looking forward to May!

  20. You deserve the relaxation, and the stressless feeling that comes from being debtless. Get some rest, you godless sodomite.

  21. Sweet devil-baby jesus, it’s good to be out of debt. I’ve got some debt to pay off, myself. Can I do some extra shifts at your hospital or clinic if I’m not a doctor? I can google people’s symptoms and then offer pain pills. That seems to be what my GP does. Is there more training needed than that?
    Thanks in advance (because I know you will check into it).

  22. Chuck! Are you going to be at the American Atheist Convention this weekend? I talked to a few people there and we all agreed that you should have been a speaker.

  23. Deborah Welch says:

    Say I’d love to hear about the Kinderhook Plates fiasco sometime. I read about it ages ago but I’d be interested in hearing your take on it. I was never a Mormon but I did a lot of reading about them out of curiousity and this one always made me scratch my head. Hope you’re enjoying the break and I can’t wait to hear your next podcast!

  24. I wish you guys would do a take-down of the craptastic fundie film “God’s Not Dead.”

    Maybe after your April vacay, Chuck?

    Pretty please….

  25. Some parts of the account of the ‘first vision’ remind me of an experience I had when taking LSD. There’s a lock of Joseph Smith’s hair in the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum in Salt Lake City. Maybe it could be drug analysed to see if he too had a penchant for pleasure seeking. He strikes me as sociopath … being devoid of feelings, so I understand his need for sensation-seeking activities and acts of contempt

  26. Fivegoldenrats says:

    Mojo>>Then somebody need to see the movie. And I think there are some laws against torture even in USA.