24a: Mini episode

So I’m taking the month off to celebrate freedom from financial bondage, but since we already recorded skunk dicks, I’ll release it to the hounds and pretend I’m doing you all a favor.

7 Responses to “24a: Mini episode”

  1. Citizen Wolf says:

    C’mon Chuck, WTF, you said that you wouldn’t be back till May, and yet here you are again with yet another podcast. Tsk.

    (we’ll always find something to complain about 🙂

  2. Hooray! My intellectual smack!

  3. Ken Ham sounds suspiciously like Chuck trying to make an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation.

    Also, has anyone noticed that Chuck Morrison is secretly Jack Chick?


    a) they’re never seen together
    b) they’re just a letter apart – Chuck/Chick

  4. You know, Anders mentioning Jack Chick is quite an eerie coincidence. Since there wasn’t supposed to be an episode this month, I decided to delve into the irreligiosophy archive and I listened to both Chick Track episodes which were, by the way, fucking hilarious… Please do more Chick Tracks! This “coincidence” must be a sign!

  5. Please do a show -or segment- about the AA convention. And be rude to Matt throughout that segment as punishment for not going.

  6. Skunkdick suggestion for next episode: Dinesh D’Souza got caught funneling campaign donations illegally, partially exposed by the husband of his mistress, apparently.

  7. It’s May. WHERE’S MY PODCAST?