For episode 25 we tackle Mormon claims of Native American ancestry. Now that we’ve unraveled the secrets of DNA, can we put these Mormon claims to the test? What does DNA have to say about the history of the Americas, its first inhabitants, and where they came from? Could it be that Mormons are correct when they claim Native Americans descended from a group of Hebrews who left Jerusalem around 600 BC?

Short answer: no. For the longer answer, listen up fuckers.

10 Responses to “25: LDS DNA”

  1. Fivegoldenrats says:

    A new episode is out and a new chick tract is out. I’m beginning to think that Anders is right…

  2. You’re back! Yay!! I hope you had a nice break but please don’t make a habit of it, you’ve been missed 🙂

  3. Not Jesus says:

    Got excited when I saw the podcast. Thought it said TNA.

  4. Holy F$@#, new podcast came out right on the 1st! And it was a long podcast, with good content…and no penis talk!? Could this be a sign that Irreligiosophy has evolved, grown, or even matured?
    What’s happening here? I’m confused… I need an adult!

  5. No penis talk???? Blasphemy!!! Now I have to find the episode where they said “penis, penis penis” over and over to make up for it.

  6. If there was only one planet in the entire universe that was just perfectly situated for sustaining life, and you found yourself living on that planet, my question is this – where the hell else would you expect to be? We are finely tuned for our planet, not the other way around…

  7. Yes, I would absolutely be more impressed by the fine tuning argument were it the opposite: conditions are fine tuned against the existence of life, and yet miraculously here we are anyway. As it is, every time I hear the fine tuning argument, I immediately think, “And your point would be … ?”

  8. Hope you had a great month off! Welcome back to the internet party.

  9. somewhere in greece says:

    About Cliven Bundy: he’s one of the reasons I support the “First in the Family” scholarship fund. Think about it people, it’s the next best thing to going to Nevada and tipping Cliven Bundy’s cows.


  10. Stephen says:

    I was a hard-working LDS missionary from 2001-2003 in the Canary Islands. I remember in 2003 giving a Book of Mormon to a couple who we’d become friends with. They gave it back the very next day, pointing out that the very first page of the book (the “Introduction”) was disproven by DNA evidence. Mind. Blown.

    The LDS church naturally did the right thing, you know, by CHANGING THE INTRODUCTION PAGE. haha