32: God’s Not Dead He’s Surely Alive Living On the Inside Roaring Like a Lion, Part One

Wow, God must exist because there’s no other explanation for this horrible travesty of a Christian film. It is supernaturally bad. In part one of an 8 part series, we cover the first half of God’s Not Dead, which is apparently just a Jack Chick tract with a larger budget. Josh Wheaton, heroic fresh-faced Christian meets Professor Douchebag Radisson who is a militant atheist who tries to get every one of his philosophy students to sign a pledge stating God is dead. Josh refuses, and so engages our dickish professor in mortal combat, philosophy-style. Guest-starring film teacher Noah, best known as the guy who almost got his ass sued by Kirk Hastings.

12 Responses to “32: God’s Not Dead He’s Surely Alive Living On the Inside Roaring Like a Lion, Part One”

  1. You talked about Billy Graham – I saw a quote by him that’s probably meant to be uplifting…

    “A real Christian is a person who can give his pet parrot to the town gossip.”

    What the hell?

  2. Kind of fits in with the Orwellian ‘God and Grandma watch while you masturbate and commit other fun sins,’ so just don’t.

  3. I hope you guys didn’t actually PAY for this piece of shit movie! Hopefully you used bitTorrent and downloaded it free.

  4. That’s the reason the podcast came out now instead of when the movie was in theaters. None of the $62 million this “movie” generated was from me.

  5. The back and forth, “God is good. All the time…” is a common call and response phrase in predominately Black churches in the U.S. The minister would call out, “God is good!” then the congregation would reply, “All the time.” and so forth. I read that it has Nigerian origins. My guess is that the producers wanted to pander to Black audiences in lieu of having a 6’6″ Black dude dressed like a grouchy Black grandmother.

  6. Funny episode! I keep hearing how incredible this groundbreaking film is and I have yet to see it. I don’t need to see it with such a fantastic review!

    BTW, check out the listing for this movie on Rotten Tomatoes…it is listed as a drama/comedy.

  7. It really shows you what Christians think the world is like. Lol. I love how they push their own shortcomings on others.

  8. This is of topic but what do you think of the annoying sye ten/presup argument? Your pretty heavy into philosophy unlike myself. But it seems like a really childish argument and I hate sophists. I figure the only reality is the one we know so taking about any others is worthless.


  9. If I misspelled words blame swype. Lol.

  10. Hilarious!!! I can’t wait for the other seven parts in this series…

  11. Needed an erotic montage of the hosts and WLC.