33: God’s (Not) Dead Part II

We skip skunk dicks and dive head-first into finishing our critique of one of the finest pieces of Christian cinema this side of Fireproof. Will freshman and unflappable Christian extraordinaire Josh Wheaton convince the class that God’s not dead? Will atheist asshole Professor Hercules treat his girlfriend with respect? Most importantly, will the Oscar-worthy salutatorian who went to her third-choice school just to be with her boyfriend in spite of what her mother always said ever return to the film?

10 Responses to “33: God’s (Not) Dead Part II”

  1. I don’t think the download is working.

  2. Works for me. Are you getting an error or does it just hang forever?

  3. I can crap better arguments than the ones in this movie.

    “If you have to choose between science and God, then you must choose God. Because God can explain science, but science can’t explain God. So there.”

    Kevin Sorbo should have gone with his old quote from the classic “Kull the conqueror”:

    “With this axe, I rule!”

  4. I can’t agree with Noah more. You need to watch and review The Encounter. It’s hilarious. And Jesus is a total creep, he made my skin crawl. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable in my life.

  5. Why don’t more people cosplay as Jack Chick characters?

  6. There was no data when i clicked on the link. About an hour after that it worked. Maybe i was just to eager to listen to this masterful assortment of human words.

  7. I give this episode 2 peni, 4 vag, 3 unknown plastic fleshy devices and 9 anal abscesses.

  8. God is not dead! Oh wait, does that make me a Muslim?

  9. Something must be wrong with Rotten Tomatoes. God’s Not Dead has a 17%. Surely it’s not better than the new Left Behind, which only has a 2%.
    God’s Not Dead could have been way better if it had the Zathras character from B5 (speaking about himself in third person constantly). With Zathras the movie would also make more sense, somehow.

  10. Kyle Nolan says:

    Yeah, you NEED to review The Encounter. It is hilarious on so many levels. Diner Jesus is a grade-A creep, Sting is amazing (complete with Pro Wrestling Approved off-the-rack suit that is way too big), and the street kid hitchhiker with $2000 worth of orthodontia was perfectly cast. I’ve got to hear your take.