Skunk Dick of the Year Nominations

Time for the Skunkies! Use this thread to nominate your favorite Skunk Dick of 2014. Know of someone who fits the phallic mold? Someone who has been extra stinky this year? Someone, perhaps, who looked in their Kringle-filled stocking only to find a lump of coal? Well don’t hold out on us. For baby Jesus’s sake, let us know!

23 Responses to “Skunk Dick of the Year Nominations”

  1. I nominate Kate Kelly from Ordain Women. She is working toward equality for women in a misogynistic organization. Anyone who claims to be christian and wants equality needs to read 1 Corinthians 14:34, 1 Timothy 2:11, and most of the rest of the bible and book of mormon.
    Kate Kelly for her ignorance… Skunk Dick.

  2. Monson's Middle Initial says:

    Brackets–people vs geography vs radical groups

    Phil robertson for running his toothless mouth
    Kirk Cameron for the worst imbd movie rating & being a massive douche
    Kevin sorbo for his horrible acting


    ISIS for too long to list
    Boko Haram for women kidnapping a
    Taliban (Pakistan) for school killings


    Fred Phelps’ corpse (maybe do a gay conversion baptism for the dead?)
    David Miscaviege for his missing wife
    Ken Ham for ark park & Nye debate


    Pennsylvania (for charging a kid with BJ simulation on jesus state)
    Oklahoma (for 10 commandments monument but no Baphomet)
    Texas (for board of ed historical revision in books)


    Chuck Morrison for fan bashing and overall misanthropy (which I rather enjoy, agree with and support fully)
    Matt for his metallic voice and witty 1-liners that the fans usually miss but I don’t; I hear and appreciate them all
    That token kiwi chick for daring to leave the kitchen


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  3. God, for generally being a dick.

  4. 1. Robert McCulloch for throwing a case and having a known liar testify to a grand jury even though he knew she couldn’t have been at the scene.

    2. American police for the overuse of deadly force. Roughly every year, somewhere between 400 to 1,000 civilians are killed by the police while 27 officers last year died.

  5. somewhere in greece says:

    NYPD for wanting to use deadly force without being accountable AND for turning their backs at Mayor DeBlasio in an officer’s funeral.

  6. The man in Gävle who assaulted another man for giving money to a beggar.

  7. Fivegoldenrats says:

    Anders>>Have you forgotten the man that stole an Ipad from kindergarten, gave it to a beggar and then called the police and accussed the beggar for the theft?


    I nominate Ray Comfort. A man so stupid and arrogant even Matt Dillahunty refuses to debate with him.

  8. Unfortunately, there’s a big wide world of skunkdickery. And in that spirit, I nominate Peter Robinson, First Minister of the devolved parliament in Northern Ireland, who recently endorsed the anti-Islamic ravings of a local Pastor Jim McConnell. The good (?) Pastor was in the news for describing Islam as ‘heathen’ and ‘satanic’ and saying that he did not trust Muslims.

    And that would have been that, had not First Minister Robinson decided to weigh in on behalf of his old friend the idiotic Pastor

    The following is from the BBC:

    ‘Mr Robinson said that Mr McConnell had been demonised because of his remarks, and that there “isn’t an ounce of hatred in his (the pastor’s) bones”.

    Mr Robinson said that it was a duty of any preacher to denounce what he described as “false prophesy”.
    He went on to say that he would not trust Muslims either, particularly with regard to those who had been involved in violence, or those who are “fully devoted to Sharia law, I wouldn’t trust them for spiritual guidance”. But he said he would “trust them to go to the shops.’

    Thankfully, the Minister’s skunkdickery was followed by several large anti-racist devmonstrations in Belfast city, where protestors brandished ‘ ‘I’m out shopping for Peter’ posters

    And, of course, the idiocy was followed by an apology. But by then the damage had been done.

    I give you my sad, religion-mad home country and I nominate Peter Robinson in the category, best foreign Skunkdick in charge of a small regional European government. Praise the Lord!

  9. Here are a few more from a church in NC.:Justin Covington, Robert Walker Jr., and Adam Bartley.

    “SPINDALE, N.C. –
    For Matthew Fenner, a crowd of parishioners gathering around him in a church sanctuary after a prayer service was a sign of trouble.

    Within minutes, he said they began to berate him because he was gay. One woman told him he was “disgusting.” Then for two hours, they pushed and hit Fenner, screaming at him as they tried to “break me free of the homosexual ‘demons,'” he said in a police affidavit about the Jan. 27, 2013 attack.”

  10. I forgot one. Also Brooke Covington.

  11. Fivegoldenrats – you are right. That’s pretty bad.

  12. Kirk Hastings, on general principles.

  13. My site is offline right now because I’ve been doing EVERYBODY ELSE’S SHIT FOR THEM!

    Anyway, my nomination is John Bruce Jessen, a psychologist and (now former) LDS bishop from Spokane WA, who made something $40 million in taxpayer money for designing the Bush Administration’s torture program for the CIA.

  14. Nancy Grace!

  15. The crows and magpies who have been found desecrating graves in Sweden.

  16. MRAs

  17. CH Sommers and Phil “thunderf00t” Mason for their opportunistic, pandering misogyny.

  18. DoubtingDan says:

    The pope for still not allowing catholic males to put a rubber thing on their dingys

  19. Glenn Beck because Glenn Beck

  20. Matt and Chuck for not getting the new episode ready.

  21. Goddammit Anders, now they are going to further delay it. I, for one, hope Chuck waits another year before he releases the 2014 nominations.

  22. Irreligiosophy
    It’s in the air
    For you and me