2.41: The Mountain Meadows Massacre

Ever think religion does no harm? Then this podcast is for you. It tells the unbelievable story of a dark time in Mormon history when some otherwise law-abiding religious people in southern Utah followed the instructions of their leaders and slaughter men, women, and children who were peacefully traveling through their territory. We talk about events preceding and following the massacre, and the extent to which Brigham Young was involved.

29 Responses to “2.41: The Mountain Meadows Massacre”

  1. therbaderp says:


  2. saffronsnail says:

    I was hoping that Baltimore would be talked about in the skunk dick section. I know that its not necessarily tied to religion, but you give good analysis about events.

  3. G. T. Blackwell says:

    For the record, I’d throw you guys a couple bucks an episode if you were registered with Patreon. Why, over the course of a year that could net you upwards of ten dollars!

  4. Just finished your latest episode. I vote “religion of the founding fathers,” but then I’m biased.

    Also, as a podcast host who recently took a five-minute (I think?) hiatus, I tremble in awe at your track record.

  5. Great episode.
    For the next episode I vote for the historicity of jesus. I’ve heard Carrier’s book is a dry read, so please summarize it for us in fine Chuck fashion.

  6. Meister says:

    I also vote for the historicity of Jesus.

  7. It’s about fucking time … and there better be a brand new Matt’s Anthropology Corner in there too.

  8. Both the founding father’s religions and the historicity of Jesus are interesting topics, but I’d rather hear about the founding father’s religions. Primarily because I don’t think it matters whether Jesus existed or not. Just because he may have existed doesn’t mean he was magic.

  9. Just noticed my phone turned “five-month” into “five-minute,” which is a far-less-impressive length for a podcast hiatus. So embarrassing.

  10. Roy McC says:

    Historicity for me. Jesus is pretty much dead (again?) here in Europe, but the bastard won’t lie down. Also, what about some ammo (the non lethal kind) viz Islam? The sunni are privately trying to wipe out the shia and vice versa, but the battle for the minds is open to everyone.

  11. aandrew says:

    Founding Fathers please

  12. Ophelia says:

    “We’re back, bitches! Bitches…bitches.” Aaarrrooo!

    Actually, I can think of a reason to murder a little child: to spare them of horror and torture. If I had a daughter and a fundamentalist religious group were marching in, killing her would be the only way to maintain her innocence because you can set it down that she would be raped and turned into a sex slave.

  13. Welcome back!!!

  14. Fondling Fathers please

  15. I’ll vote Founding Fathers because I know it will make you do Historicity of Jesus.

  16. I like these types of episodes where you go in-depth about something we may not be familiar with. But I fear that if I say that, you will never do it again and give us reviews of Christmas puppet movies ad nauseum, so I take it back. (Actually that episode was hilarious–the Santa Claus is coming to town one, not this one about toddlers getting clubbed in the head. BTW, can someone explain to me how blunt force trauma is somehow kinder than getting shot?)

    The Founding Fathers get my vote. I heard Benny Franklin, in-between inventing bifocals and signing the declaration of independence, actually invented the very first WWJD bracelet.

  17. somewhere in greece says:

    I remember the topic from the guest appearance you had made in Church of Awesome. The massacre of unarmed men, women and children and the cover up made me as furious as they did the first time. Definitely a topic that needs more publicity.

    Apropos of nothing, only the first 40 minutes of the episode were available on Stitcher, you may need to re-upload it.

  18. waldteufel says:

    Welcome back!

    You guys put out great podcasts with well-researched information slathered in delicious snark and snide. I’ve listened to all of your episodes, and have enjoyed them all.

  19. Citizen Wolf says:

    Great episode. Really enjoyed they way you covered it. I had heard you talk on the topic on the Church of Awesome podcast, but it was good to hear it again with Matt as your foil.

    Founding fathers for me, although both topics would be interesting.

    Welcome back guys.

  20. Francesca says:

    Historicity of Jesus. My (athiest) husband and I go back and forth on this subject all the time. I’d love to hear your take on it. Plus, I hate politics.

  21. CR Jackels says:

    Glad you guys are back. Is it too late to vote for founding fathers? If you do that topic, please stick it to that fucktard David Barton.

  22. Andrew Schefe says:

    The boys are back! I’ve read Carriers book and would like your take on it (if by your I mean Chuck’s). As a long time listener I’m sure you don’t give a shit what I’d like so either way I hope there’s an episode soon!

  23. All of the above plus the non-canonical gospels. i read a bit about them in Bart Ehrman’s excellent Jesus Interrupted. As i recall, some of them feature giants and talking trees and weird sex scenes. (Maybe Tolkien was into the non-canonical gospels.) Would live to hear your take on that stuff. And maybe, some day, you could go into the wonderfully mad The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross by John M Allegro?

  24. Shouldn’t there be a new episode up soon?

  25. Here’s a podcat to tide you over:

  26. that is fucking creepy, chuck, in a doctor Moreau way. is this what you plan?

  27. You could always invite Kirk Hastings as a co-host.

  28. I’m still voting for you to do my favorite bible book: 1st Samuel. It’s got everything, fun for all.

  29. Founding fathers sounds boring to me and Chuck already did the historicity of Jesus… way back! I still think Irreligiosophy should give Islam another (proper) stab. Did Muhammad really exist? The answer seems obvious but once you dig a little (as scholars are finally doing) it’s not.

    That or another look at some of the crazier Bible stories. That’s always fun. You know, find the morality in Jephthah burning his daughter alive or Elijah, she-bears and mauling children, that kind of stuff…