2.45: Kentucky County Clerks

Or specifically, one clerk in particular named Kim Davis, who refuses to perform the basic duty of issuing marriage licenses because she’s a bigot. Bereft of any legal grounds, out of appeals, and in direct violation of the specific court order of a federal judge, she continues to refuse, citing “God’s authority” and ends up in contempt of court. She currently resides in county jail for her troubles, much like Joseph and his technicolor dreamcoat, or, more recently, Kent Hovind.

Matt and I cover her religious liberty “argument” as well as the responses of the Republican presidential candidates who have weighed in on this crucial issue. Good times!

9 Responses to “2.45: Kentucky County Clerks”

  1. Where in our Constitution are government offices to be run by vigilantes and laws to be ignored based on the grounds of personal beliefs? Kim Davis imprisoned: Amen and thank God. Enough said.

  2. I think you should also collect quotes for when the Christians decide they led the struggle for gay rights all along, like they led the struggle for abolition.

  3. Every time I hear some stupid talking head go on about how Christians “led the charge” against slavery or for civil rights, I always want to ask them the question, “Who were they fighting against?”

    And then just sit back and watch their faces as they attempt to squirm their way around the truth.

  4. Let the onslaught of legal arguing for reasons to permit discrimination (after HobbyLobby ruling…) continue to leave alasting historical footprint, if you will.
    Let Religious Belief be remembered as attached to,supporting, and the cause of these legal fights for individuals & organizations who want to discriminate.
    It will only help Humanism/Reason thrive, be more attractive to all (rising generations) in the future.

  5. I want you all too remember your comments here, because the time is coming when Muslims will start making even more ridiculous demands based on their religious beliefs. I agree with the fact that any government official can not, should not, make personal determinations based on their personal religious beliefs. However, as individuals and in our personal lives we have every right too uphold our beliefs. I am more or less a conservative… I’m also a staunch anti-theist, yet at the same time I will fight for any individuals right to express and defend their personal beliefs, as long as no one is physically hurt or mentally traumatized.

    “Any challenge to Islam’s absolutists’ proclaims, is by definition considered profane… and profanity and blasphemy is the antecedent to very severe punishment.” ~ Christopher Hitchens

  6. Well of course they have the right to uphold their beliefs. Who has said anything else?

  7. God I am tired of the “be sure to address Islam too” comments.


    To save myself time in the future, I think I’ll link to this post every time I get another “don’t be afraid to tackle Islam” comment.

  8. Also, I am slowly coming around to the position that religious beliefs should not be accommodated in the workplace. You have a belief that requires accommodation? You do the accommodating. Do not make everyone else around you bend over backwards because of some interpretation of some book that was written hundreds or thousands of years ago. If you can’t do the accommodation, then it’s time to decide how much that belief means to you, and whether it may be time to find a different job that does not require accommodation.

  9. I am for religious acomodation but only for Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) faithful. Pirate regalia and strainers.