2.46 Founding Fathers III

Our series on the Founding Fathers of the world concludes with this episode on John MF Adams, Thomas MF Jefferson, and James MF Madison, all intellectuals and all to varying degrees heterodox or even (in the case of Jefferson) an outright heretic. Also we cover a few skunk dicks, including Planned Parenthood which seems to be slicing up babies for money. Good times!

11 Responses to “2.46 Founding Fathers III”

  1. Lewis-Tamlyn says:

    three podcasts in the space of a month! What’s got into you?

  2. We’re ON FIRE BABY

  3. thank jesus for giving us this bounty. just as we thank him for his hard work saving those who are watched over by a team of trained specialists in a hospital and all he asks for in return is praise and subservience.
    also put out that fire baby. it is hazardous to our health. those things cause atheism.
    and in no way am i greatful to chuck and the other guy. i wouldn’t want anyone to think i’m actually pleased with them for these episodes that have come out all in one month.

  4. Vinz Clortho says:

    You’ve already done the leg work. Where’s the .pdf with all those god-fearing citations in one place?

  5. Looks like I did not save the sourcing from the original source text, “Moral Minority: Our Skeptical Founding Fathers,” so it would just be a bunch of quotes with no sources. But here’s a link to the book itself, which is a great read: Moral Minority

  6. plasticuproject says:

    Chuck, can you PLEASE do a fucking episode on Pessimism/Nihilism/Existentialism/Antinatalism/etc? Pretty fucking please?

  7. What I don’t understand is why the Founding Fathers hated America.

  8. quid est veritas says:

    Any chance we could have a celebration of Kent Hovind’s release from tax prison with a balls deep thirteen part dissection of his new dissertation “What on Earth is about to happen.. for Heaven’s sake?: A Dissertation on End Times According to the Bible”?

  9. Need new ep. Gracias

  10. Gnorf. Gnorf.

  11. Will you review “Passion of the Christ”? Or the gay porno spoof?