2.47 Do You Believe Finale

Following a brief skunk dick segment and Matt’s Anthropology Corner, we dive into a detailed review of the conclusion of Do You Believe?

8 Responses to “2.47 Do You Believe Finale”

  1. oxfordcommaa says:

    Finally, I’ve been dying for new content. Damn it Charlie & Matt, skunk dick of the year prime candidates!

  2. Carlos Mateo says:

    Gracias, gracias,gracias,gracias por el nuevo episodio. Lo espero siempre con anticipaciĆ³n

  3. Great episode, really enjoyed it. Although Chuck you sound really depressed, or totally pissed off, I hope it’s just the latter. I love irreligiosophy.com, it’s my favourite podcast, the best ever, totally.

  4. Vinz Clortho says:

    Loved the reivew. BTW have you already hit up the Illuminati Satanic conspiracies on Irreligiosophy 2.0? I watched a youtube clip where the submitter breaks down the Rugby World Cup opening ceremonies as a Satanic ritual….Please. I’d love to hear you talk more shit about this…

  5. CR Jackels says:

    I know you guys just did the fondling fathers, but I believe in my heart of hearts that an Irreligiosophy style takedown of American History revisionists and Christian Nation historians like David Barton would be sweet. Plus Barton is Glenn Beck’s personal historian and lover, so there’s all sorts of fun in that.
    Please answer this prayer, my one true podcast. Nema.

  6. CR Jackels says:

    And great show guys. Love it.

  7. Planned Parenthood is an anagram of “Panhandled Toe Porn”. I think we all know what that means.

  8. Loved this. Please do more of Matt’s Anthropology Corner.