Yes, the circle is now complete. Once David was but a learner, now he is the master. David and Bryce (of the exceptional Naked Mormonism podcast) have Matt and me on their show to discuss Doctrine & Covenants Section 6 and I rediscover how much I loathed the D&C in my youth.

My Book of Mormon Podcast Episode #100

6 Responses to “We’re on the My Book of Mormon podcast 100th episode”

  1. Apparently there’s even a prophecy about Ben Carson in an entirely new part of the BoM.

    “And God came to me in a vision, and he showed me a man, dark with the blood of Cain. And he spoke to the multitude: ‘I have a theory about the Pyramids of Egypt. The Lord spake to me and told me that they were grain silos, built by our ancestor Joseph in the time of famine.’ And people marveled at his stupidity.”

  2. There are no other podcasts………heretics.

  3. Quick! Everyone click on the marketing link!

  4. I can’t get enough of that Mormon shit! It’s strangely fascinating to me. Please Uncle Chuck, tell us some more Book of Mormon stories. No one does it better than you…

  5. Currently researching the origins of the Book of Mormon. Talk about some strange shit …

  6. is it possible to be heretics when it is your own one true podcast? is this an evolution or an evilution of the faith in chuck our father who art in utah? oh and squeaky too, i guess (kidding i like your contributions, squeaky).