2.48 Chris Matheson and The Story of God

For episode 48 Matt and I discuss “The Story of God”, book written by Chris Matheson of “Bill and Ted” fame. We talk about the book, which is a version of the Bible written from God’s point of view, and also a wide variety of topics, including Republican primary politics. Also, skunk dicks and iTunes reviews.

2 Responses to “2.48 Chris Matheson and The Story of God”

  1. Most triumphant interview, dudes!

  2. Citizen Wolf says:

    Holy crap! He should most definitely do another movie where Bill & Ted rescue Jesus and bring him to the present day. Once here Jesus starts preaching socialist type stuff and he drives all the prosperous gospel people nuts! Actually that would drive just about all the modern right-wing christians nuts. Faced with a nasty backlash to his teachings, Jesus becomes disheartened and demands to go be brought back to the Romans to go back on the cross. Haha, a modern ‘The life of Brian’. I’d go and watch it. 🙂 Totally, dude.