2.50 Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas

As a special Christmas gift, we bequeath you episode 50, which reviews Kirk Cameron’s “movie,” Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas. What happens in this movie, you might ask? Well, Kirk Cameron saves Christmas, mostly from a Christian named Christian who is upset that a lot of yuletide stuff isn’t found in the Bible. But famous 80s sitcom actor Kirk Cameron swoops in to save the day, and that day just happens to be Christmas. And then breakdancing ensues.

16 Responses to “2.50 Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas”


  2. Kirk Cameron salvation of xmas has made me more of a scrooge than ever

  3. merry chuckmas everyone (in the voice of tiny tim)

  4. I nominate Chuck as the skunk-dick of the year, for this episode. The Evidence4Faith debates were less aggravating, than Kirk Cameron’s ass-pull dribble. And that fucking song… if autotune wasn’t already passe, then that fucking song alone should be enough to prevent anyone from ever using it again.

  5. Is there anything Kirk can’t do?

  6. @Ryan – a good movie, apparently.

  7. You guys padded this episode out with silence and that awful song so that it just made 80 minutes all up – just long enough for a feature podcast so you can release it in cinemas. You sneaky bastards.

  8. silverharbinger says:

    Kirk Kirk Kirk Cameron!

    By far the finest soundtrack in all of cinema, and alas ladies and gentlemen, irrefutable proof of the Christian god’s existence in every concievable way. This phenomenon cannot be a natural work of us mere mortals. It defies the natural world and it’s laws, and I anticipate that no apologist will ever again use the comparatively pitiful lines of argumentation they used in the past. From here forward they will all simply play any given track from this obviously divine work, drop the mic, and leave victorious to a standing ovation from a weeping crowd forever.

    Could the next podcast consist solely of the gloria track on loop for as long as your storage devices will allow? Following this, please recant your vile atheism as I simply had to do.

    I only wish John Denver were here.. The prophecy he and the late George Burns commited to film only decades ago has come to pass!

  9. So Kirk Cameron is saving Christmas from… Christians!?! Basically this movie is targeted at Christians who are smart enough to ask themselves “What the fuck does that gay tree in my living room have to do with little baby Jesus?” but are too stupid to look it up for themselves.

    Kirk, then literally, pulls answers straight out of his anus and the bible (mainly his anus)… Then there is that fabulous song and dance number! Wow, thank you for watching that for me. That truly is a public service…

  10. “The War Room” was named “worst movie of the year” by Sarah Lewis of CinemaSnob fame. Maybe something for a later day?

  11. Hmmm, a lot of these “worst movie of the year” awards just happen to go to Christian movies. Coincidence?

  12. I’m all for irreligiosophy doing more Christian movie reviews. This one was especially horribly wonderful. I love the long silence. I actually forgot it was still playing, and when you guys came back on, it fucking scared me. +1000

  13. Brad Jones – the cinema snob himself – named “Old Fashioned” the worst movie of the year. A romantic comedy that’s more horrifying than any 2015 horror movie.


  14. Citizen Wolf says:

    That movie Old Fashioned does seem quite disturbing. Not so much the movie itself but more the mindset of those that made it. If this represents their thoughts, then they are fucking creepy.

  15. Three of four reviewers on the Cinema Snob said “The War Room” was the worst movie last year. Your husband cheating on you? Lock yourself into a closet and talk to Jesus and he will save your marriage!