2.51: The Skunkies

Once again we come to the year in review / Skunk Dick of the Year official award show. Come join us for a romp through 2015 where skunk dickery abounded everywhere, but most especially in the southern United States for some reason.

15 Responses to “2.51: The Skunkies”

  1. Haven’t finished the episode, I had to stop and yell at you for the Brian Dunning rap. That was below the belt. How did you honestly think it was OK to inflict this on human beings?

  2. Currently trying to drum up the courage to hit play again knowing that when I do Brian Dunning will still be rapping. Not sure I can do it.

  3. Oh God, why did I push play. That’s it, I quit science.


  5. plasticuproject says:

    We love you Chuck. Don’t fucking stop.

  6. Tort, I am amazed Brian Dunning ever released that to the public. How someone listens or views something like that and thinks, “Wow, this is something I want on the internet” is beyond me.

    So I felt like sharing!

  7. Charles Minus says:

    Hey you know what, I’ve been a loyal fan for about six years at least. But please stop with the bad movies please. I don’t fucking care how bad they are. I know how bad they are. Please stop rubbing our (and your) noses in the particular stinking pile of shit. Do a program on Hinduism from Wikipedia or something.

  8. Whoa whoa whoa you want MORE bad Christian movies? I just spoke with Matt and boy do we have you covered in 2016. Just you wait!

  9. ok ok ok do the bad movies but please not that rap or i will start praying.
    i actually like the bad movies episodes but some other religions would be fun just don’t let matt do the research – the guy thinks anyone would let him near a plane!

  10. Well, gonna have to retire Scalia’s skunkdick jersey…
    ’cause that motherfucker dead.

  11. Eminem was my gateway to Dunning.

  12. Jack Pollock says:

    Thanks for another great “Skunkies” and as an Oregonian, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Bundy nomination. I really think you guys could do a whole show on the Bundy saga from Bunkerville to Malheur Refuge. Snackless, gun-toting, Shofar-blowing, ultra religious Mormon militia fuck-ups occupying a duck pond just sounds right up your street.

  13. Jack Pollock says:

    And I vote for more movie reviews.

  14. somewhere in greece says:

    I have to second Lila in praising the genius of Terry Pratchett. He had, hands down, the best definition for sin


  15. Chuck, I think Dunning released that to the public to have something more embarrassing than going to prison for wire fraud on his resume. I have his FBI interview here and he actually says he deserves “Kudos” for figuring out how to scam eBay. Kind of a bad messenger for arguing against pseudoscience. Sounds more like something John Edwards would say about duping people out of their money for his psychic readings.

    Yeah, I don’t like Dunning. If I hadn’t read his actual interview with the FBI then his “account” of what happened I might have some respect left for him.