2.52 Scalia’s Greatest Hits

So now that the old douchebag is dead, how long is considered a respectful wait before we start dragging up his bones and insulting his corpse? Well if I hadn’t procrastinated so much it would have been a lot sooner. On March 11th 2016, what would have been the fat bastard’s 80th birthday, we talk all about the Grand Wizard-Dragon of Skunk Dicks and intellectual anchor of the conservative wing of the US Supreme Court, Antonin Scalia.

7 Responses to “2.52 Scalia’s Greatest Hits”

  1. David Lewis-Tamlyn says:

    Hooray! Some bigot dies and we get a new episode. Could you do more obituaries for arse-holes and cut back on movie reviews, please?

  2. But movie reviews require so little preparation …

  3. I don’t care if it’s a movie review or obituaries. I’m just glad you put something out every once in a while.

  4. No! More movie reviews. We live in a golden age of Christiansploitation. Make the most of it!

  5. and they have just released a new one called ‘Miracles from Heaven’ so Chuck and Matt could go and see it together with the faithful then they could review the audience. this one even has doctoring in it to get Chuck enthused!

  6. Vinz Clortho says:

    After listening to this travesty I demand that the two of you APOLOGIZE TO JESUS!

  7. ‘The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah’ is described as “shockingly anti-semetic” by a imdb user review if you want another possible film ‘tho’ i like my idea of going to a christian film and reviewing the audience