Do you whore after other podcasts?

Well then you’re in luck! Bryce Blankenagel of Naked Mormonism interviewed me, Chuck, for an episode of his podcast all about polygamy, polygamists, and growing up fundie. You can find it here, if you dare.

2 Responses to “Do you whore after other podcasts?”

  1. Mmm thats hawt.

  2. The best counter argument I can think of to legalized polygamy is that legal marriage is a legal contract in which each partner has reciprocal exclusive rights in certain areas w.r.t. the other partner. Most obvious example: legal right to make decisions for the partner when that partner is incapacitated.

    As soon as you extend this to 3+, exclusiveness no longer works.

    This argument wouldn’t stop someone from trying to come up with a new institution based on partnerships of 3+ but the inherent lack of exclusiveness would prevent it, in my opinion, from allowing it to adopt all the features that exist in historical precedents that collectively define marriage.