2.61: Post-election

Well, our democracy was nice while it lasted.

2 Responses to “2.61: Post-election”

  1. somewhere in greece says:

    Thank you for the episode, it helps me process what is going on in the world.

    I am writing to say that I flat out disagree that the US needs a blazing left-winger. SYRIZA was balls-to-the-wall leftist as the opposition, called everyone who said their economic plans weren’t viable traitors and basically Nazi collaborators, was all about LGBT rights, and has formed a coalition government with far right-wingers TWICE and covers up sexism, homophobia, bigotry.

    What the US needs is an unapologetic centrist. We had one in Greece about a decade ago who took on the Church, organised the state, got us in the Euro, is the reason SYRIZA didn’t manage to turn us into Venezuela and he was the most boring, unassuming, uncharismatic politician who makes Hillary look like Ru Paul

  2. You might be right. I don’t think unapologetic centrists exist in the US any more, and if they did, they are very unlikely to get elected. But if the right is going to paint Clinton, who is probably slightly right of center from a globe perspective, as the most extremist left wing commie ever to run for the presidency, I feel like we should float an actual far left candidate and watch their minds explode.