WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

Podcast Summary, Episode #7: Evolution and Intelligent Design, Part 2

Evolution and Intelligent Design: Part Two


  1. A wide range discussion of Evolution, Creationism, Intelligent Design, and the conflict between all of these issues.




  1. A continued discussion concerning Evolution and the evidences for it vs. the ideas of Creationism and Intelligent Design.


Main Story


  1. The first topic on the chopping block is that of geographic distribution of species as well as plagiarism of DNA such as that of the “vitamin C” gene.
  2. The peppered moths of England are a prime example of evolution in action. Natural selection is a major force where Evolution is concerned.
  3. Shared Retroposons can be a conversation stopper for those attempting to dispute Evolution. 
  4. Nested hierarchies of species are explained and discussed.
  5. Discussion on the various attempts to get Creationism taught in schools, “equal time”, and the court cases behind them.
  6. Is stumbling across a watch on the beach, picking it up, seeing the intricate parts, and therefore knowing it had a creator a good analogy where God creating us is concerned?
  7. Where does the flagellum stand where having a single function of an organism is shifted for the use of a different function?
  8. Blood clotting is not irreducibly complex and in fact is evident in different stages in this day and age.
  9. Fine tuning may be the next wave of arguments against evolution, however this is an argument that has already been refuted.




  1. Next week we will have Adele Sakler of www.existentialpunk.com and Peter Walker of www.wikiletics.com .

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