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Does the E4F show still exist?

[leighton]I have to ask considering their iTunes account hasn’t been updated since their conversation with us. I’m sure Dr. Mike has distanced himself from the show as best he can, but does it still exist? This is a question which doesn’t really keep me up at night or even cross my mind until I randomly receive an email from Kirk Hastings with his signing the show in his title(Is he to be the new Dr. Mike?).

You all will have to forgive me my absence. My new place doesn’t have Internet yet so coming to the website and answering emails is a bit of a difficulty for me, but when Charley called me this morning about this inanity, I made an effort.

What you will see below is a polite email request to take down my postings……And then a particularly long email exchange wherein Kirk does his best to throw dust in the eyes of his readers by tossing up excuses as to why they lost the debate. You know, the one thing I can’t quite put my finger on is why that email exchange was attached to the request. Did he just accidentally properly format it, type out his request, send it to me, and is going to realize the mistake and send another request about my not ever, ever posting up his “well-laid” list of excuses? There couldn’t possibly be an ulterior motive to his request…he’s a Christian. They don’t hide their lights under a bush.

Well, it’s a good thing he has morality on his side otherwise I might have had to sit him down and explain to him there’s no need to attempt to manipulate my atheistic and Neanderthal brain, all you have to do is ask. Oops, hold on for a second. I have to answer to my basic instincts and scratch my balls.

There’s nothing like a shorn and suntanned scrotum to make a man really feel like a man in those morning breezes. Makes you feel like bursting into song and dance just like in The Sound of Music…

Scrotum, scrotum, you’re just a bag of skin.
Scrotum, scrotum, you keep my testes in.
Wriggly, squiggly, and covered with hair,
What would you do if it wasn’t there?

Second verse, same as the first, sorta.

Scrotum, scrotum, we all love you.
Scrotum, scrotum, you imprison that special goo.
Warm and cuddly and ready in spite,
Of that Christian girl we regretted last night…

Almost forgot I was here to do something. Oh yeah, here’s Kirk at his finest in an email exchange dated at more than a month ago with Kirk complaining about getting swamped with emails from our site…from more than a fucking month ago:

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Deceptive Christian Soldiers

[leighton] Charley and I have had about a week to discuss what the Evidence 4 Faith troupe would do with a recording of the debate. After all, it was obvious even to them how poorly they did and we know they have a recording of it because in the opening rules they were asking to keep it a certain length so they could use it for their next couple of shows. They have chosen to be cunning by mentioning the debate on their show and then announcing to their audience how poorly WE did in the debate. My question for them is if we did so poorly in defending our beliefs why is it you never once mentioned who we were when discussing our debate and why is it you didn’t provide snippets of the debate or even a link to where your fans can listen to it? After all, having a couple of Christians Trounce a couple of atheists would build faith…

Also, although Kirk has blocked me from sending him emails, apparently he still wants to send them to me:

Definitely the last e-mail

Leighton, I’ve read your response to my last e-mail on your website, and I have concluded that you are truly a psychopath. You remind me of The Joker from the film “The Dark Knight” (portrayed by Heath Ledger) —


We just need to figure out what The Joker’s after.


With respect, Master Wayne … because he thought it was good sport.Because some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money.They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with.Some men just want to watch the world burn.

… That’s you to a T.



As your resident “Joker”, my inclinations lean towards burning the fucker down. I gladly encourage any of you, our fans, to teach these Christians a lesson in honesty.

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I’ve been a dick again…..

[leighton] Apparently I’m a dick who’s going to burn in hell. More drama from the creators of “Kirk Hasting’s “Top Ten Questions for Darwinists”. For this evening’s performance, we’re bored enough to present you with “Why Leighton is going to hell.”

There’s not really a Shyamalan ending here. Pretty much goes how you would expect it to.

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Kirk Hasting’s “Top Ten Questions for Darwinists”

[leighton] Yesterday I found this in the main site’s email account. It sparked quite a bit of conversation between Kirk Hasting’s and myself and even generated a beloved cartoon starring me(Not as beloved as a Jack Chick tract, but it’ll have to do.). There are quite a few stumpers in this list of questions such as, “If life DID “evolve”, then why did it ever evolve beyond weeds, ants and cockroaches, which are much better equipped for reproduction and survival than we are?”

I’m putting this up here so you all can answer and enjoy the foray as you see fit while we put the final preparations on this week’s episode. So please, enjoy the words of the enlightened vs. the neanderthal.

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Realities Revealed

“My wife and I were both astounded about this, too. We both pictured Chuck as a diminutive fellow, built sort of like Neil Patrick Harris, while my mental image of Leighton was six feet of pure muscle topped with a biker ‘stache…”

Due to the constant commentary I figured I would treat you all to our realities revealed. First we have Charley:

Then, of course, there’s me:

You all feel better with a firmer grasp on what we look like? Does it help you fall asleep at night to our voices with these images fully locked into your brains? Guess I ought to thank my sister in law for helping me pull on my diaper and taking the pictures.

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