“My wife and I were both astounded about this, too. We both pictured Chuck as a diminutive fellow, built sort of like Neil Patrick Harris, while my mental image of Leighton was six feet of pure muscle topped with a biker ‘stache…”

Due to the constant commentary I figured I would treat you all to our realities revealed. First we have Charley:

Then, of course, there’s me:

You all feel better with a firmer grasp on what we look like? Does it help you fall asleep at night to our voices with these images fully locked into your brains? Guess I ought to thank my sister in law for helping me pull on my diaper and taking the pictures.

30 Responses to “Realities Revealed”

  1. Cunningham! says:

    Nice shorts.

  2. I am so confused right now.

  3. What the hell just happened here.

  4. Fifth_Horsemen says:

    Roflmao! What Would Neil Patrick Harris do… lol!

  5. Red squirrel says:

    Dammit, I had Chas pictured as SAP Brannigan (at least that’s who the voice reminds me of)

  6. Who the fuck wears long sleeves with biker shorts?

  7. If you haven’t figured it out yet…it was kind of the point to look like a jackass. Apparently it’s not too difficult on my part to look like a jackass which would be why you think that’s my normal get up.

    Who the hell is “Chas”?

  8. I can assure you that is how Leighton always looks.

  9. I’ve never been more horrified in my entire life. I came for a podcast and ended up getting eye cancer. Damn you Leighton! I’m going to steal all your lotion and force you to masturbate dry, or maybe I’ll glue sandpaper to your palms while you’re asleep.

  10. Mr Magfeline says:

    What a fucking girl, girl boots, girl shorts, get a fucking dress Leighton.

  11. duffman_ohyeah says:

    An explanation is in order…

  12. Instead of fucking around with the candid shots, get the fuck off your asses and make some podcasts!!! Leighton is better looking than Chuck. But if I was gay, I would want Chuck simply because he is a real doctor. Income always trumps looks.

  13. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    I don’t get the voice mix-up thing. I’ll paraphrase Chuck in my commentary of their voices and articulation: both of these butt-ugly fuckers “have a voice for mime.”

  14. Rnegade87: Feel free to glue sandpaper to my palms. I don’t use them anyway. Just the very tips of my fingers.

    Mr. Magfeline: You provide the dress and we’ll have ourselves a private showing….We may ask Herb to join us as he seems to have his finger on things.

  15. well, regardless, you both look exactly as I expected you to~ a Cro-Magnon Knuckle-Dragger and Neil (fucking) Patrick Harris. Where’s my fuckin podcast?!


  16. Btw you should interview me~ I just got ordained as an atheist member of the clergy, got the certificate and everything. Gotta do a marriage!

    You can now refer to me as Rev. Atheist

  17. Queen of Hearts says:

    SEXY Lieghton! Lemme see the rest of your tattoo! How many you got? I’m 30% covered beat that!

  18. Queen of Hearts says:

    Oh and you DO have an ass of a God!

  19. omg…Chuck is super hot. Now, I’m just confused…

  20. hypoElectron says:

    Well I’d screw Leighton but Chuck looks more like the marrying kind… decisions, decisions
    I guess I’ll just have to close my eyes and choose by the voice….let me put this in the computer… “Identity verfified” .. OMG NOOOOOO! It’s Mims Carter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. How exactly does one determine the exact percentage of their tattoo coverage? Is there a chart I should be aware of? Also, have you forgotten how tattoos work? It’s always been and will always be “If you show me yours I’ll show you mine”. It’s a cardinal rule.

    I hear Mims Carter is good in bed, but he has a tendency of rating you very low afterwards.

  22. “Just because it’s a closed system doesn’t mean you can break the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics”. From Evidence 4 Faith. Seriously. And it’s explicitly cited as being a response to you guys. Seriously. No, I’m not joking. I’m listening to it right now. It’s at about 40-45 minutes in.

  23. …and Kirk Hastings sounds like he won a bronze in the Special Olympics. And Leighton: sorry, dude, but your tattoo makes you look like you’d suck a cock for a little patchouli.

  24. Queen of Hearts says:

    You gotta use percentage when you got too many to count!

    Do a podcast on Buddhism! Chinese New Year is almost upon us.

  25. Queen: All right, I guess I would be somewhere around 25%. Maybe a little more. Not quite sure how to gauge that exactly. We’ll have to see about Buddhism. We have a couple of interviews and a few other things lined up. We’ll have to see if we can squeeze it in.

    Seth: It’s always nice to have an expert on sucking cock among our listeners. Looking forward to seeing your tattoos so I can at last discover what a real man’s tattoo is supposed to look like.

  26. Leigh-Anne says:

    Wow…that’s some outfit Leighton’s wearing. Wake up at a bus station that day?

  27. I haven’t found myself waking up in a bus station for about two months. Not since the weekend trip to Wendover. Bastards will dump you anywhere.

  28. It’s your humor that keeps me coming back! 🙂 You guys are great, and I love that you’re able to laugh at yourselves (a key character trait of atheists I bet!)
    …As an entirely unrelated (to the appearance of either one of you) thought/comment; have either of you caught the BBC show “The Atheism Tapes”? I happened to find the series through my subscription DVD/streaming service, but I’m sure it’s available elsewhere.
    Although not half so funny as you guys, it is an interesting series of conversations between Jonathon MIller and various folk (Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Colin McGinn, Arthur Miller, Steven Weinberg, Denys Turner).
    At any rate, maybe you fellows, or some of your listeners would like it.

  29. Queen of Hearts says:

    Still waiting to see yours Leighton!

  30. Not a surprise. Not at all.