[leighton] Charley and I have had about a week to discuss what the Evidence 4 Faith troupe would do with a recording of the debate. After all, it was obvious even to them how poorly they did and we know they have a recording of it because in the opening rules they were asking to keep it a certain length so they could use it for their next couple of shows. They have chosen to be cunning by mentioning the debate on their show and then announcing to their audience how poorly WE did in the debate. My question for them is if we did so poorly in defending our beliefs why is it you never once mentioned who we were when discussing our debate and why is it you didn’t provide snippets of the debate or even a link to where your fans can listen to it? After all, having a couple of Christians Trounce a couple of atheists would build faith…

Also, although Kirk has blocked me from sending him emails, apparently he still wants to send them to me:

Definitely the last e-mail

Leighton, I’ve read your response to my last e-mail on your website, and I have concluded that you are truly a psychopath. You remind me of The Joker from the film “The Dark Knight” (portrayed by Heath Ledger) —


We just need to figure out what The Joker’s after.


With respect, Master Wayne … because he thought it was good sport.Because some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money.They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with.Some men just want to watch the world burn.

… That’s you to a T.



As your resident “Joker”, my inclinations lean towards burning the fucker down. I gladly encourage any of you, our fans, to teach these Christians a lesson in honesty.

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  1. Am I not getting something here?
    The Joker is awsome!!!!!

  2. Well it’s lying for Jesus, so that’s okay.

  3. My word but Kirk is in a foul mood. Must have a sandy mangina to go along with the butthurt.

  4. “Leighton, would you clarify exactly what you mean by “teach these Christians a lesson in honesty”? I mean, you’re not advocating violence or bodily harm here, so what is it you’re suggesting?”

    Good catch chuck, you have kept leighton out of prison for another day.

  5. (was) somewhere in greece says:

    @Feanor: well, at least The Joker follows the infection control guidelines and cleans his hands after contacting a patient.

    Now THAT is the kind of poster I would love to see in a hospital.

  6. Learn a lesson from your cats, Leighton. Someone comes onto your turf – you chase them off. You do not chase them down and beat the shit out of them, because that’s a waste of energy. Besides, how are words of your awesomeness gonna spread unless you leave them alive?

    So you just settle down and wash your hands with your paws like a good cat.

  7. But but but but Leighton, he’s a DOCTOR.

  8. I thought religion was supposed to be a behavior modification system? If these guys bring all of their psychological, pre-religious, pedestrian baggage (lying, dishonesty, no integrity) with them and pour it on top of Christian mythology what is the point?

    I have come to view anyone with a belief in a god or deity of some sort as an unstable person. In the world of the Super Natural any and everything is a go, so lying would be as easy as breathing for them….after all the entire mythology was built on a lie.

  9. Cancer Larry says:

    Leighton I’m sure you’d be happy to know that the E4F podcast can’t rate any lower on the canadain iTunes. Even those who claim not to be anti-theists rate the show and it’s hosts poorly.
    Canadian I tunes ratings- Irreligiosophy 5 stars
    – Evidence 4 faith 1 star

  10. sixstringfrenzy says:

    The total dismantling of the E4F ass clowns beliefs were something to behold. I think what truely must have gone up their asses sideways the most was the way Chuck would flat out laugh in their faces with every ridiculous proposition they put forward. Awesome job guys.

  11. sixstringfrenzy says:

    Also, there’s no way they can get enough material that doesn’t make them look like idiots for their podcast. I don’t see how it’s possible for them to post anything without some serious editing work.

  12. BlueIndependent says:

    What a toxic, petulent little welp. You guys turn the arguments of these two into asphalt crack filler in 2 full debates, both of which they had plenty of time to prepare for and didn’t, and this punk, who’s all even-tempered and cordial in discussion, brings out the cat claws where he thinks nobody is looking. This guy apparently doesn’t understand the term “Internet Age” at all. What a freaking liar. The Joker bit is the swinging tirade of a red-headed stepchild with a chapped ass. You two, through the application of research and evidence when being challenged with arguments, have revealed these guys to be ignoramuses happy to lie to themselves about anything so long as the captain of Heaven’s Airline accepts their tithe.

    I’d say “unbelievable”, but then, it’s not.

  13. Not at all related but has anyone else been annoyed by the mormon commercials on youtube that make me wait an extra 15 seconds before watching charlie sheen look like a dumbass

  14. It’s not Charlie Sheen, it’s a mirror.

  15. Discord.agent says:

    “My podcast is late! Where’s my podcast? Blah blah blah. I need a podcast, where is it? Quit being lazy!” – Chuck

  16. Moewicus says:

    Discord.agent brings up a good point. Where the hell is our podcast?


  17. (was) somewhere in greece says:

    They released two episodes in one go and they have already said they are going on a road trip. I would say stop being such babies but that would be insulting to babies.

  18. Moewicus says:

    I’m totally gonna cry if they don’t do one this week.

  19. J.N. Hudson says:

    Not only did Chuck and Leighton trounce them, the E4F guys trounced themselves by demonstrating the hoops that so-called apologist have to jump through to make the biblical account even begin to conform with reality.

    They ran the whole gamut, from claims that they are in some way privvy to what the biblical authors “really meant”, to assertions of knowledge they could not possible know (The authorship of the gospels and the copying practices of the many disperate biblical texts in the 1st – 3rd century C.E. ), and finally degenerating into just making shit up whole cloth in a pathetic and ultimetly doomed attept to explain away many of the numerous contradictions found all through out their holy book.

    This kind of logical gymnastics only works on, and indeed is tailored specifically to, people who’s knowledge of the bible in superficial and limited, A subsection which unfortunetly seems to include vast swaths of christianity. Were the bible “god-breathed” and inerrant/infallible as was claimed at the beginning of the debate, such mental gymnastics would doubtlessly not be required..

    As for the e-mail that is the topic of this thread, it’s full of the arrogance, the hubris that has become endemic in fundamentalist christianity. He can’t adequetely argue against Leighton so his response is to attack him, to demonize him, to paint him as being the apologist’s favorite caricature, a nihilist who cares for nothing. He makes this statement with the arrogant assumption that he has Leighton all figured out. Of course he has to have the last word, albeit rather dishonestly by blocking any response from Leighton, a situation I would be less than suprised to see him exploit by claiming Leighton wasn’t able to respond and broke off contact.

  20. Leighton says:

    I’ve been a bit busy with the haunt convention, returning home, etc. and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to come back to the site. Oddly enough, it appears no matter what I say people assume I’m reacting from the gut for being called names by a hopeless window licker.

    Let’s clarify. When I started doing this show it was because it was fun to talk about all this shit with Charley and figured why not record it. That “what the hell” attitude evolved the more I looked around. I don’t watch TV, the news, etc. and so I have always been a bit out of the loop about where the world is at. ANN and the Skunk Dick Awards have slowly forced my position to evolve. Religion is a prison and people like the E4F douchebags are the guards wandering up and down the halls ensuring everyone remains contentedly in their cells.

    I haven’t read all of the comments above, but some of them have stated to be the better man and walk away with head held high or that they’re far too small and undeserving attention. That’s like saying let the armed robbers run rampant and only seek justice for the murderers. As I said, my position has changed as to why I do this show. It’s no longer just because it’s fun, but also because I want to shine a light in every corner so religion has nowhere to run and hide. I want to put a stop to the pain and bullshit religion instills. The only way to do this is to be unrelenting with the truth.

    I’ve been cursed in the name of Jesus Christ by my own father for speaking the truth every time religion was brought up in my presence. After a little injection of rational thinking he recanted. Although I see no chance of converting my father and mother to rational thinkers, a few of my nieces and nephews who are old enough to think for themselves have approached me with questions. I refuse to answer their questions due to their upbringing being their parent’s right, but I do tell them the information is readily available and when they turn eighteen we can sit down for a long conversation if they like.

    The point is this, if you sit back and do nothing then you have no place and no footing to complain about anything. You’ve made your choice to do nothing and the world spins on in its original path as if you don’t exist. If this brings you contentment then continue in that path. As for me, and I’m sure some others out there, I’m a bit more of a bull. I choose to give no quarter to people like this. They are the reason religious senselessness is propagated and as far as I’m concerned, whether they’re big or small, they deserve to be buried. People hold religion in the highest respect. The only way to provoke rational thought is to keep prodding them with logic and unrelenting truth. Hamstring the people spouting this shit and their followers are more likely to hear what you have to say.

    If even their leaders can’t stand up to facts how can their followers? Unless there is a bit of the proactive these followers will never be confronted by anything and the circle is unbroken.

  21. (was) something in greece says:

    What about the posts saying that chasing them down is not the best strategic move? Especially since the Christians who want to find out things for themselves can easily find the podcast and listen how much they botched it and the ones who do not will shut their ears and go “LALALALALA” no matter what they are presented with.

    I disagree with your assessment that the E4F guys are the prison guards. No. They are the snitches who suck up to the prison guards because they seriously believe this is going to give them a smooth ride. Also, the “I’ll tell my mam and then you’re in trouble” is not something I would personally expect from someone who is (knowingly) in a position of power, rather from a kindergartener.

    These name-calling incompetent apologists have proven to be beneath you and unworthy of your attention. You have bigger fish to fry.

  22. I agree with (was) something in greece. While I think that you are right that religion is a prison and that we should free the prisoners, I think you are wrong in saying that these are the prison guards. They would like to be – oh, how! they would like to be. But they simply don’t have the intellectual equipment to be prison guards. Their attempts at dodging your questions were pathetic.

    No, you shouldn’t ignore them because you are the better man, etc. You should ignore them because you’re giving them attention! How many reviews did they have before you debated them? How many do they have now?

    Now, if you could get someone like Ray Comfort or Kent Hovind on the podcast… these guys are worth it. They have a large audience whether you talk to them or not. Of course, they also know better than to appear in a place where they might be beaten.

  23. sixstringfrenzy says:

    Berating the E4F guys is absolutely the right move. Fuck those clowns and every other douchebag apologist. I’m personally tired of that kind of crap and I’m glad there’s people out there like Chuck and Leighton to put them in their place. I’ve been inspired to ridicule people in my facebook circle of friends (including family) and if feels reel good. Keep up the assault guys.

  24. How was the convention, Leighton?

  25. We have to just post reviews to iTunes mentioning the debate and how interesting it was to peek the interest of their fans, providing links will help too!

    We should take chunks and post on YouTube!