[irrelig]After a long wait due entirely to Leighton’s laziness, we release our latest podcast episode, a treatise exploring with great sobriety our 3 favorite Chick tracts. The first is called “The Visitors,” about some unfortunate Mormon missionaries who meet their match in a True Christian little girl. The second is the story of an aborted fetus named Clarice, although why you would name a fetus whose ears are destined to be sold on the black market, I’ll never know. The last and final tract is called “Boo!” and it’s the glorious True Story of Lucifer’s birthday, Halloween, filled with “documented facts.”

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6 Responses to “31: Favorite Jack Chick Tracts”

  1. I curse you and Leighton to evolve your relationship into an ersatz gay marriage…… oh wait, too late.

  2. So THAT’S why Leighton is so in favor of gay marriage.

  3. Thanks for the Jack Chick episode. I found a couple in my grandmother’s basement and have loved them ever since.

  4. I had to find out what these were, and i found out. They. Are. Awesome.

  5. The Dungeons and Dragons track is especially hilarious.

  6. ‘There go the dinosaurs’ was particularly outstanding. Loved the panel showing Noah herding dinosaurs onto the ark.