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111: Kirk Hastings’ “What Is Truth?”

[irrelig]Surprise! Kirk Hastings’ recent email drew me out of (semi-)retirement. After recovering from those withering electronic insults, I sat down with expert Hovindologist Matt W to review Hastings’ magnum opus, “What Is Truth?” We examined his many and varied claims about truthology, and how they relate to science and most especially “Darwinism.” In this episode — part one of a three-part series — we discuss Kirk’s conversion process and his absolutely unshocking failure to grasp even the basic principles of science and mathematics while he attempts to take down Darwinism. This series could also be entitled, “We read Kirk Hastings’ shitty rehashed creationist screed so you don’t have to.”

Kirk does get an A for effort, though, and should he succeed in his quest to demolish Darwin’s theory of evil-ution, he may ultimately end up with a Nobel Prize. History (or maybe the next episode, where we finish talking about the science portion of his book) will have to render a verdict on that score.

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Ice-burned by Kirk Hastings

[chuck]Out of the blue, Kirk Hastings/Grant Gardner sent me an email this morning.

Hey, thanks for all your publicity concerning my book “What Is Truth?”. has sold out of the first batch, and is ordering more to keep up with the demand. It’s selling like hotcakes!

Incidentally, where’s your book with your (somewhat skewed) point of view in it? Having trouble finding a publisher? 🙂

Kirk Hastings
Author Extraordinaire

That last part is my favorite. Who was Kirk’s publisher for What is Truth? Why, PublishAmerica, infamous vanity press for … wait for it … people who can’t find a publisher.

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97: Kent Hovind Finale

[irrelig]For the final segment discussing Kent Hovind’s paradigm-changing doctoral dissertation, we have brought on professional Hovindologist Matt Wakefield. Matt is an old friend of mine (going back to high school) who was actually one of our first guest interviews, but unfortunately the recorded footage somehow got corrupted (or I never pressed the record button). So here it is: chapter 4 of Hovind’s masterpiece on the nature of time.

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96: Hovind’s Dissertation, Take Two

[irrelig]Okay, so there are three more chapters in Kent Hovind’s “dissertation,” right? Well, in this episode we take on chapters two and three: “The Religion of Evolution” and “The Effects of Evolution.” Loads of intellectual discourse and corn-pone stories straight from the horse’s ass.

Also, a special Skunk Dick segment that shines a spotlight on you, our beloved fans.

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93: E4F Debate Analysis Analysis

[irrelig]So, apparently the debate has been continuing on the Evidence 4 Faith show without us. In this episode, we take the time to carefully but respectfully respond to the recent E4F segments that continue to analyze what they should have said but didn’t while the debate was actually happening.

It’s really all about respect, you know.

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Leighton sucks

[chuck]I’ve been trying to get in touch with Leighton to record this week’s podcast, but apparently he’s at a Wiccan winter solstice party living it up. That’s dedication for you!

We’ll get to it tomorrow. In other news, the E4F guys recently posted a “Debate Analysis,” which is apparently an hour-long analysis over what amounted to something like 15 minutes of debate. Interesting that they’d be “analyzing” a debate without the opposing side present to rebut their claims. I wonder what the point of that could be? Shouldn’t the debate stand or fall on its own merits?

I’m beginning to wonder if this kind of thing isn’t standard operating procedure for Christians: change the terms of the debate at the last minute, get beat anyway, then show up alone the next week and spin doctor like crazy.

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