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96: Hovind’s Dissertation, Take Two

[irrelig]Okay, so there are three more chapters in Kent Hovind’s “dissertation,” right? Well, in this episode we take on chapters two and three: “The Religion of Evolution” and “The Effects of Evolution.” Loads of intellectual discourse and corn-pone stories straight from the horse’s ass.

Also, a special Skunk Dick segment that shines a spotlight on you, our beloved fans.

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93: E4F Debate Analysis Analysis

[irrelig]So, apparently the debate has been continuing on the Evidence 4 Faith show without us. In this episode, we take the time to carefully but respectfully respond to the recent E4F segments that continue to analyze what they should have said but didn’t while the debate was actually happening.

It’s really all about respect, you know.

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91: Hitler, Darwin, and Atheism

[irrelig]Chuck’s Sources: “Atheism Was Not the Cause of the Holocaust,” by Hector Avalos, PhD; Chapter 13 of The Christian Delusion, and Fighting Words: A Toolkit for Combating the Religious Right by Robin Morgan
Leighton’s Sources: See Hitler Run: Run, Hitler, Run!, Wikipedia

In his podcast we answer the Christian charge that Hitler was an atheist, and that Nazism and the Holocaust were inevitable results of Darwin’s theories. We discuss Dinesh D’Souza, Richard Weikart, Pope Innocent III, and Martin Luther, father of the Protestant Reformation and the original Nazi.

All that and some more skunk dickishness in episode 91.

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87: Evidence 4 Faith Debate

[irrelig]Well, it is finished. We have given up the ghost. Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit. As promised, we appeared on the Evidence 4 Faith live radio broadcast to debate the two hosts of the show, and they have convinced us of the truth of Christianity. Because of this, Leighton is scheduled to be burned at the stake next Tuesday.

Listen to all the carnage!

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69: PZ Myers!

[pz]Irreligiosophy has hit the big time! We spend an hour or so shooting the breeze with reigning king of science blogging and New Atheist™ PZ Myers of Pharyphilongula fame about all kinds of godless goodness: the “frackin’ cracker” incident, his appearance on Expelled, his experiences debating creationists, fr*ming, the time he spent in Utah among those crazy Mormons, and lots more.

All this and an announcement on how to obtain your very own Irreligiosophy Doctorate, guaranteed 100% every bit as credentialed as Kent Hovind’s, or we’ll refund your $1.99 back. Check it out here.

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24: Michael Dowd, Evolutionary Evangelist

[chuck]For our guest podcast this month, we have Reverend Michael Dowd, author of Thank God for Evolution and “evolutionary evangelist.” Reverend Dowd is an itinerant guest speaker who travels the country stumping for the marriage of evolution/naturalism and religion. Listen for the first half-hour as we circle each other warily, trying to feel out the other person’s viewpoints, and then having achieved a sense of the other’s worldview, we become more comfortable and can actually engage in a discussion in the second half hour rather than merely a Q & A session. Although we agree in large part, we do succeed in finding a few spots of disagreement here and again.

Michael DowdReverend Dowd is a fascinating speaker whose unique perspective deserves a much wider audience. If you’re interested in doing some further reading, the first fifty pages of Thank God for Evolution is available at his website, and I’d highly recommend it. He is also available on Facebook and Twitter, and even has a blog!

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