29: Nathan Phelps

For this episode we connect back with Nathan Phelps, a leading light in the atheist-skeptical movement and estranged son of Fred Phelps. Since our last interview, a lot has happened both in Nate’s life and in the Westboro Baptist Church, into which Nate still possesses keen insight. Keep an eye on Nate’s site for more information about his upcoming documentary “Not My Father’s Son,” and kick in some cash if you can. It’s for a great cause.

All that and skunk dicks too.

8 Responses to “29: Nathan Phelps”

  1. First post!

    Nate seems like a pleasant fellow… for a HEATHEN!

  2. Great! I’m really enjoying the 3d coming of Irreligiosophy.

  3. Nice update to his story. I DEMAND MORE!!

  4. For the time, money, blood, and sweat I’ve put into the podcast I feel that I can demand more interviews. More interviews, please… even if I didn’t actually put any money or sweat into the podcast.

    In summary, good interview; do more interviews.

  5. I am looking forward to Chuck’s dissection of the recent Hobby Lobby ruling. Blast ’em.

    This was a very good interview. Nate is affable, intelligent and articulate. The perfect combination for a good interviewee. I’m looking forward to his book.

  6. Great interview with Nate Phelps! I would like to hear more interviews also,but don’t ever leave off the Skunk Dick!

  7. I need a new episode.

    I’d say “please,” but I don’t really think that’s what we do here.

  8. No. Not more interviews! Although you are quite swell at it, we only get you guys so many times a month and we can here from those other bitches on those other podcasts that do that sort of thing. I say more youse guys. That said, David Michael sure does have a buttery voice.