WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

Podcast Summary, Episode #7: Evolution and Intelligent Design, Part 1

Evolution and Intelligent Design: Part One

A wide range discussion of the Bible, Evolution, Creationism, Intelligent Design, and the conflict between all of these issues.




  1. Both Charley and I raised in families that did not believe in Evolution. Even today neither families believe in Evolution.
  2. Leighton’s father was a seminary teacher while Charley was “Scripture Champion” in his junior year of seminary. Leighton slept through so much of it he can’t recall what subjects were even covered.


Main Story


  1. Leighton’s father graduated from BYU with a degree in Zoology and once questioned a biology teacher as to why he would teach evolution when he knew it wasn’t correct.
  2. The Whipped Tailed Flagellum is brought up as a point against Evolution due to there being no organism that can be traced prior to this one, however it is easily explained through another type of bacteria.
  3. Many religious Creationists like to quote that not even Darwin believed in Evolution. However, this is false due to misinterpretation and just blatant misrepresentation of what Darwin said.
  4. Why does Genesis contradict Evolution? We take a close look at the two different creation stories in Genesis to discover the truth behind what this controversy is between Creationism and Evolution.
  5. Does a literal interpretation of the bible go out the window in the second chapter due to the need for personal interpretation?
  6. Does God withhold knowledge from man as evident in the Adam and Eve story and is this a good analogy of Christianity in general?
  7. The second law of Thermodynamics is brought up as evidence against evolution and the question is does it fly in the face of evolution or is it misunderstood? 
  8. Is the age of the Earth able to be determined by science and if so what does this say concerning the subject of belief and evolution? The differing ways science uses to determine the age of the earth, as well as calibrate their various dating instruments, are discussed in detail.
  9. Are there no transitional forms to be found anywhere in the history of the world or is this a straw man argument tossed up by religious believers.




  1. Next week we continue our discussion concerning Creationism, Evolution, and Intelligent Design taking a much more in depth, scientific approach to laying out the facts that have been discovered to support Evolution.

4 Responses to “Podcast Episode 6 Summary”

  1. When you were talking about the age of the earth, I was hoping you would address the RATE study. used by IDiots to explain how carbon and other radiological dating processes are wrong. Also, what do creationists think of red shifts from stars and other galaxies?

  2. Here’s a quick link to an Old Earth Creationist site debunking the RATE study:


    We probably should address each claim separately, as it would make for a fun and informative podcast. I looked into polonium halos a while back while doing some research into radiometric dating, and it would be good to refresh myself on the topic.

    Whenever I’ve encountered creationists who don’t like the Big Bang, they either deny red-shifting occurs, or say that some red-shifting occurs and some blue-shifting occurs. Interestingly enough, outside of our local group of galaxies, EVERYTHING appears red-shifted to us. I challenged a creationist to point out a single star, out of hundreds of billions, outside our local group of galaxies that was blue-shifted. That was 8 years ago. I’m still waiting for a reply.

  3. nice. funny thing, i tried to find a link to the rate study, and I couldn’t find anything about it. so, I gave up.

    what about all the really ridiculous claims, men and dinosaurs tracks, flood producing all the strata, etc..

  4. I actually agree with you concerning the ridiculous claims people come up with. One I’m looking forward to hitting up is the claim that Noah’s ark has been discovered in Turkey. In all due time.